What can I expect?

In order to be of assistance to you as a client it is imperative that I get to know your entire financial picture.
We will take an opportunity to get to know each other to determine if we feel comfortable dealing with one another. We will discuss your current situation, values and attitudes, where you are now and where you expect to be in the future. Should you decide that you could benefit from our services, we will schedule an appointment to meet again, where we will review specific details relevant to your personal situation.

What do I need?

It would be very helpful if we could review any statements pertaining to your investment portfolio, the last two years tax returns, details as to whether or not you have any life or disability insurance in place, and if there is a Will and/or Powers of Attorney in effect. 
It is very important that I become privileged to your entire financial picture. By working together we can make your future aspirations attainable. We will discuss the different types of risk as well as your tolerance levels. Learning of your goals and objectives and reviewing your current resources, I can then offer accurate recommendations. 
Receiving advice in only one or two of these areas will not effectively help you in the
overall picture of financial security. It is essential that we work together so that you may receive the maximum benefit from my advice.