Role of a Financial Advisor

"The role of a Financial Advisor is to help clients identify and obtain specific financial goals and objectives."
"Financial Planning is the process of meeting your goals through proper management of your financial resources."

How do we develop a financial plan to suit your needs?

This is done by collecting and analyzing all relevant financial information that you currently have, reviewing and assessing your unique situation, and providing sound knowledgeable advice. We will assist you in ensuring that you are on the proper path to long-term financial security.
Establishing a Committed Relationship
The surest way to achieve your goal of financial security is to establish a committed relationship with a qualified financial advisor. We realize that personalities and investment styles differ greatly from person to person, and therefore you can expect that we will spend some time getting to know you. It's imperative that you work with someone you trust when dealing with your financial future.  We will earn that trust over time. We offer the attention to detail that your unique situation deserves, getting to know your thoughts and feelings as much as the facts and figures on various financial topics.  We feel this approach leads us to a deeper understanding and appreciation of your perspective, which ultimately leads to a more successful long-term financial plan.
Once a relationship has been established, we will be attuned to your financial life; your needs, your goals and your objectives as well as your investment time horizon. Whether you are deciding to buy a new home, planning for your children's education, considering your retirement or dealing with estate matters... working together with you is the stepping stone in securing your financial future.

Are Independent Advisors Safe?

Independent advisors do not personally hold any of your money; the money is invested directly with the various companies whose products are being recommended and utilized.
As independent advisors we are not employed by any of the companies whose products are recommended. We offer independent advice without the pressure of meeting company quotas, the appeal of product incentives, or the hindrance of having to adhere to marketing strategies.
Don currently holds two designations; Fellow of the Canadian Security Institute (FCSI) and Chartered Investment Manager (CIM). In order to maintain these designations we are required by law to have a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education each year. CIM and FSCI are recognized designations of the Canadian Securities Institute.
It is important to ensure that your financial advisor is not only qualified, but also familiar with the ever changing guidelines pertaining to insurance, investment products, tax procedures and government rules and regulations.

Getting Started

Getting to know your financial picture is imperative. We will discuss your current situation, values and attitudes, where you are now and where you expect to be in the future. Should you decide that you could benefit from our expertise, we will schedule an appointment to meet again, where we will review specific details relevant to your personal situation. We will discuss the different types of risk as well as your tolerance levels. Learning about your goals and objectives and reviewing your current resources, we can then offer accurate recommendations in estate planning, insurance, investments, and taxes. Receiving advice in only one or two of these areas will not effectively help you in the overall picture of financial security.

It is essential that you feel comfortable with whom you have entrusted with the details.